Great Skirt!!

 From one of my favorite blogs…Mrs. Blandings…   I do not have a back yard swing, but rather one on my front porch.  As the days are getting warmer, I find myself there creating the most relaxing rhythm with only the slight push of my toe.  As a friend mentioned the other day, “The soothingContinue reading “Great Skirt!!”

iPhoneography + Instagram: My Faves

From Wishwishwish blog… February 22, 2014 Snap Happy As I celebrate my 1000th Instagram picture, I thought it was about time I answered all those questions about snapping pictures on your phone! Not a day goes by without an eager commenter asking what I use to edit my Instagram pictures – wonder no more! MyContinue reading “iPhoneography + Instagram: My Faves”

8 Things to do alone…for a change

The idea of solitude has a somber ring to it; the thought of being alone can bring about memories touched with lonely sadness, while thoughts of being surrounded by others can bring memories of joy. But solitude, like all things, truly depends on the way you look at it.  I, for one, absolutely love beingContinue reading “8 Things to do alone…for a change”

Shopping Alert: Dover St. Market in NYC is worth your time…

 Hot off the press from Dirk Standen at Why the New Dover Street Market Is a Wake-up Call for the Retail Industry January 6, 2014 11:09am Is this the end of shopping as we know it? That thought kept insinuating itself in my head in December as I navigated the busiest spending time ofContinue reading “Shopping Alert: Dover St. Market in NYC is worth your time…”

Get excited for 2014 with monthly trends, must-haves, and happenings!

From PureWow….   PUMP-UP GUIDE   30 Reasons to get excited for 2014   January 1/1 | The Affordable Care Act goes into effect. Guaranteed maternity coverage for all! 1/5 | Downton Abbey Season 4 premieres on PBS. Lady Edith, we really think 1922 is going to be your year. 1/13 | The buzz ofContinue reading “Get excited for 2014 with monthly trends, must-haves, and happenings!”

Explore a hidden gem in Paris…Montmartre

From the wonderful Hip Paris blog… The Other Side of Montmartre: Coffee, Food and Shopping Off the Beaten Path November 19, 2013  by Kim Laidlaw Café Lomi Paris’ 18th arrondissement, to the north of the city, is a vast and varied area, encompassing some of the most affluent enclaves (right up at the top ofContinue reading “Explore a hidden gem in Paris…Montmartre”