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Snap Happy

As I celebrate my 1000th Instagram picture, I thought it was about time I answered all those questions about snapping pictures on your phone! Not a day goes by without an eager commenter asking what I use to edit my Instagram pictures – wonder no more!

My Favourite Apps

None of this is groundbreaking stuff, but regardless, here are the apps I use on a regular basis to keep my Insta snaps looking bright! Even if you just find on new app out of this bunch, my job here will be done. I’d love it if you could share any amazing apps I’ve missed in the comments!


Duh, I know, you all use VSCO, but it’s the best, right? It’s the only app I use to edit my pictures at the moment. It just does everything I need it to do and has the best filters.


Afterlight is also bloomin’ amazing. It has a tonne of filters, but also lots of fun extras, like putting your picture in a circle, or adding a patterned background. It also has some great light leaks and vintage camera grain. Everything you need in one app!

A Beautiful Mess

Another one I know you’re all going to have already! An amazing app for putting little doodles and writing onto your images. The inspiring ladies over at A Beautiful Mess created this app,  and continue to add really cool features!


Snapseed is a great all-rounder for sorting out the basics. The sliders for brightness, contrast etc give you far more control than VSCO. Perfect for people that want to do a little editing but maintain that #nofilter look.


Fuzel has to be the best collage app! It’s not often I want to collage together images, but if I needed to, this app would be my go-to.


Click, click, click

My process for Instagramming has to be pretty standard. I shoot around 10 snaps, testing different compositions, and then pick out the best. There is always one less blurry or more vibrant than the rest!


I always always use the back camera, even when shooting selfies. It might mean that I have to guess and hope for the best regarding where I’m pointing the camera, but it’s worth it for the better quality.

Don’t forget to tag!

Tag the brands that you’re wearing  in your #ootd’s and there is a chance they’ll regram – this means more people finding your fabulous feed!


Things that go down really well on Instagram? Cake, cats, flowers, beautiful cities and…well..any food, really…


My Fave ‘Grammers

You’ve gotta share the love when it comes to Instagram! It’s such a wonderful community. These are the gals whose pictures I like again and again and again…


Lots of pinks and lots of flowers! My friend Briony lives in Cambridge, and upload the prettiest, sugar-coated snaps from her surroundings.


If you love coffee, muted tones and beautiful blonde hair, Chelsea is your gal. Her pictures always make me feel so cosy and at home, even if they are shot halfway across the world in Minneapolis.


Carin is super well known and needs no introduction. This Swedish photographer left her country to move to Paris, and documents the beautiful city and everywhere else she travels in her amazing pictures. A total inspiration!


Melina’s feed might be in Brazilian Portuguese, but that doesn’t mean I appreciate her fun snaps any less. This vlogger and I seem to have a lot in common, and I love the pictures she posts of her dog, Spock!


Chantal is another friend of mine, and her Instagram feed deserves serious love. It’s full of pastels, and a hell of a lot of pink – a total dream world.


Another top-notch Instagrammer! This Parisian shares photos of her city, alongside other beautifully curated images in the softest tones. One of my favourites!


techno dining


Imagine eating a 22 course meal while simultaneously being indulged in every sense, from everchanging murals to scents piped in for over-the-top aromas?  Sound crazy?  It’s already happening in Shanghai and other locales across the globe with “Multisensory Dining”, a concept that incorporates heightened emotion as a key component in this new gastronomic movement…coming to a McDonald’s near you?  Read about it here.

This is a beautify, clean concept. What do you think of it?


O projeto de hoje esbanja charme, apesar de sua pequena área e simplicidade estética! Veganista é a primeira sorveteria austríaca a vender somente sorvete vegano em Viena.  E esse conceito de produto é aplicado no projeto, através de elementos decorativos e cores simples! Nós achamos que a composição arquitetônica resultante deste conceito é muito interessante… um espaço aconchegante e que passa o frescor do produto. Nosso destaque especial para o piso em ladrilho hidráulico verde: lindíssimo e para a comunicação gráfica forte!

*For english, scroll down…





The project today exudes charm, despite its small area and aesthetic simplicity! Veganista is the first ice cream shop in Vienna to sell only vegan ice cream. And this product concept is applied in the design through decorative elements and simple colors! We find that architectural composition resulting from this concept is very interesting… a cozy space that passes product freshness. Our highlight to…

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Yes, we’re still sweltering in the heat, but Fall is just around the corner, and its never to early to think about those fall items that will round off what’s already in your closet and freshen it up for the season…

1.  A Full Skirt, like this gorgeous Reiss version or this one from below…


2. An oversized coat, like this one from Alice + Olivia

3. Something Metallic, like this DVF bag

4. A sleek dress, like this ‘Tola’ sheath from Joie

Joie dress

5.Something Cobalt, like a pair of stellar pumps from Calvin Klein or Rebecca Minkoff’s mini mac bag

Calvin Klein pumps

And just for fun, I’ll throw in an extra one…these sleek tortoise sunglasses from Karen Walker, that would add a bit of fun to any outfit, or this less expensive version from


What are your must haves for Fall 2013??

Great ideas for wearing pastel bottoms!

The Fashion Medley

zara 2013 new season pink trousers

AlexanderWang resort 2014 - Celine fall 2012One of the greatest mysteries of universe is how the most feminine color in the world could fit masculine style so freakin well; especially when it comes in a tapered, oversize cut and short hems. If the last time you’ve worn a pair of pink trousers was in 1992 and you are trying to figure out a way to revive the look without looking like a gumball, welcome to inspiration and choice overload land of 2013. Alexander Wang saluted Celine F/W 2012 with the Resort 2014 collection; giving us a nudge to go buy that new season Zara pair (or set your mind at ease if you have already bought that pair from H&M, like me).

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