iPhoneography + Instagram: My Faves

From Wishwishwish blog… February 22, 2014 Snap Happy As I celebrate my 1000th Instagram picture, I thought it was about time I answered all those questions about snapping pictures on your phone! Not a day goes by without an eager commenter asking what I use to edit my Instagram pictures – wonder no more! MyContinue reading “iPhoneography + Instagram: My Faves”

Shopping Alert: Dover St. Market in NYC is worth your time…

 Hot off the press from Dirk Standen at Style.com: Why the New Dover Street Market Is a Wake-up Call for the Retail Industry January 6, 2014 11:09am Is this the end of shopping as we know it? That thought kept insinuating itself in my head in December as I navigated the busiest spending time ofContinue reading “Shopping Alert: Dover St. Market in NYC is worth your time…”

Organic beauty haunts in Paris

From the inimitable Hip Paris blog… Bio Chic: Our Favorite Organic Beauty Boutiques in Paris Posted: 19 Dec 2013 07:19 AM PST Senteurs de Fée It’s no secret that French girls love their products. Here in Paris, you can find a cream, serum or supplement for just about anything that ails – from cellulite to les cernes toContinue reading “Organic beauty haunts in Paris”

What do eclairs have to do with life?

I found these lovely articles about eclairs in Paris from the blogs “Lost in Cheeseland”  and “the hip Paris blog”, which I will share momentarily, but what got to me was the fact that even the Parisians, who are known for doing things a particular way, have taken off down the American path of derivatives…youContinue reading “What do eclairs have to do with life?”

Pssst, American made pop up market: Northern Grade. Check it out.

It’s the newest concept in shopping, not the pop-up concept, which has been around a while, but a carefully curated and crafted showcase of merchandise held all over the country to show that American made goods are not only stylish, relevant and worth the extra cost, but uber-hip at the same time.  Northern Grade carefullyContinue reading “Pssst, American made pop up market: Northern Grade. Check it out.”

Techno dining is here…uber-sensorial experiences await.

  Imagine eating a 22 course meal while simultaneously being indulged in every sense, from everchanging murals to scents piped in for over-the-top aromas?  Sound crazy?  It’s already happening in Shanghai and other locales across the globe with “Multisensory Dining”, a concept that incorporates heightened emotion as a key component in this new gastronomic movement…comingContinue reading “Techno dining is here…uber-sensorial experiences await.”