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I’m sharing this post for the next time I head to London!

 From one of my favorite blogs…Mrs. Blandings…


I do not have a back yard swing, but rather one on my front porch.  As the days are getting warmer, I find myself there creating the most relaxing rhythm with only the slight push of my toe.  As a friend mentioned the other day, “The soothing contemplation done from a porch swing compares to nothing else in the world.”  I’m finding this is true.

A reoccurring springtime rumination is where to find good skirts.  I like skirts.  In fact, I like skirts best.  Perhaps the years of wearing uniform skirts, picked up from the floor of my bedroom and pulled on for the second or third day, left an impression of ease and reliability.  One day in high school, walking down a long breezeway, a particularly sour sort of girl said from behind me, “I wish I had a swing like that in my backyard.” It had embarrassed me at the time, but now I think she would have been a lot more fun if she had.

Skirts then appeared by magic (otherwise known as “Mother”) and hung, briefly, three in a row on the low bar in my closet.  Now I must find them myself. So many are either too expensive or two short.  But today, this gem landed in my e:mailbox and a quick click turned up several attractive cousins as well.  Ann Mashburn, no surprise.  Here.

Looks like this will be a winner, especially with the Nordstrom collaboration!

From PureWow….




30 Reasons to get excited for 2014


  • January
  • 1/1 | The Affordable Care Act goes into effect. Guaranteed maternity coverage for all!
  • 1/5 | Downton Abbey Season 4 premieres on PBS. Lady Edith, we really think 1922 is going to be your year.
  • 1/13 | The buzz of the 2014 North American International Auto Show will be driverless vehicles, or cars that take over steering in tricky, congested situations.

  • February
  • 2/7 | The Winter Olympics kicks off in Sochi, Russia. Did you know that a 150-pound male figure skater can land a jump with the force of a 1,000-pound baby elephant?
  • 2/14 | The return of House of Cards on Netflix. Women everywhere wonder if they can pull off the Robin Wright pixie cut.
  • Nicolas Ghesquière for Louis Vuitton. Marc Jacobs is out, and the former Balenciaga designer is in. We’ve got our eye on him for Paris Fashion Week.
  • March
  • 3/2 | Ellen DeGeneres hosts the Oscars. Seth MacFarlane watches
    at home…alone.
  • The sleek, low ponytail: Your 2014
    go-to hairstyle.
  • April
  • Kate Moss’s Topshop collaboration hits stores. Fingers crossed it channels the ’90s blasé-grunge aesthetic (not the ’90s butterfly-clip aesthetic).
  • 4/22 | Neil Patrick Harris returns to Broadway to star in Hedwig and the Angry Inch. We always knew he was born to wear glitter eyeliner and a wig.
  • May
  • 5/6 | Food writer Ruth Reichl’s first novel, Delicious!, hits shelves. We’re hungry just thinking about it.
  • Four words: herb-infused ice cubes. (Think strawberry-basil and hibiscus-mint.)
  • All hail the boxy shift blouse. From Cynthia Rowley to Calvin Klein, this style was all over the spring ’14 runway. Pair with high-waisted pants to avoid showing the world your belly button.
  • June
  • 6/6 | Best-selling YA book The Fault in Our Stars gets the cinematic treatment. See it with your teenaged niece and sob the entire time.
  • 6/12 | Brazil hosts the World Cup. Americans claim to like soccer for 3.6 days.
  • July
  • The dessert of summer is the high-end ice cream sandwich. Coconut macaron with mango sorbet filling? Yes, please.
  • Our sources tell us that Adele’s new album–a.k.a. the sound track to everybody’s next breakup–is coming in July.
  • Get ready for Coin, a razor-thin, swipe-able piece of plastic that stores all of your credit cards in one place.
  • August
  • Gochujang (Korean fermented dipping sauce) is the new summer grill marinade.
  • High-Intensity Interval Training is the new CrossFit (which was the new Zumba).
  • Everyone who’s anyone will be vacationing in Macedonia.
  • The USDA’s “Smart Snacks in School” law goes into effect, banning energy drinks and candy from public-school vending machines.
  • 9/25 | Girls fans line up to snag Lena Dunham’s essay collection, Not That Kind of Girl. Will it be worth the $3.7 million advance?
  • Hooray for bucket bags!

    More swingy in nature, this trendy purse is smaller than your average tote and offers the strap of a cross-body.

  • 10/3 | OMG, Gone Girl is a movie. And OMG, it stars Ben Affleck.
  • Tina Fey returns to television–well, writing for television at least–with a new comedy about a woman who escapes from a doomsday cult. We’re already working on our night cheese.
  • We’re betting that Apple’s mysterious iWatch will be released before the holidays. Think Google Glass meets Fitbit meets your old-school Casio.
  • 11/4 | The midterm elections are here! Is a House/Senate changeover indicative of 2016? And which Fox News anchor will have an on-camera meltdown?

  • Fewer men will suffer from cold heads this winter. Why? The FDA’s pending approval of a new cure for baldness.

  • 12/25 | It’s a hard-knock life once again, thanks to the long-awaited Annie remake starring Jamie Foxx, Cameron Diaz and the unpronounceably named child actress, Quvenzhané Wallis.


You know how much I love scarves, and this season is no exception.



This WWW(that’s who, what, wear daily) article has some great ideas for how to show fashion cred with a scarf this season. Check it out here.  I am loving the McQueen leopard pashmina, but also love this Rag and Bone black and white below, which would go with virtually anything…



And can be found here, if you’re so inclined (I am not a paid spokesperson, just an FYI).  Other brands that consistently warrant a look are Kenzo (although I’m not loving the ‘eye’ theme this fall), Missoni (this one from their men’s collection on the web site),



and surprisingly, Nordstrom private label, that offers beautiful cashmere wraps every season at a reasonable price for the high level of quality and size of their scarf here.

Of course, I’m still loving on my scarf from Elizabeth Gillett, and wear it every chance I get.


If you’re not a scarf lover, give it a try.  It helps elevate just about any outfit to new heights, not to mention the fact that it keeps you a few degrees toastier than everyone else.  And they make excellent gifts too…

It’s the newest concept in shopping, not the pop-up concept, which has been around a while, but a carefully curated and crafted showcase of merchandise held all over the country to show that American made goods are not only stylish, relevant and worth the extra cost, but uber-hip at the same time.  Northern Grade carefully selects vendors to include in its pop up events, which have been held already in cities across America, including Richmond, San Francisco, Chicago and more to come.




Sign up for their mailing list to find out about upcoming shows…next one up, Minneapolis.  I am promoting them on my own, as I believe in what they are trying to do.  I hope they bring one to Charlotte soon!!




So the other day I was emailing back and forth with my friend in NY who has a scarf line, Elizabeth Gillett. She’s been spotting articles for me on sustainable fashion and out of the blue she said she wanted to send me a scarf from her new fall line!  Christmas came early this year!


I agree that this is a lousy selfie, and the scarf is halfway covered up by the seat belt strap, but no matter.  Everywhere I wear this scarf, people comment on how beautiful it is.  My friend told me it was inspired by the wooden water tanks on the rooftops in NYC where she lives.  It reminds her of the way the wood gets ombred and shaded over time…so cool, don’t you think?

I am not a paid spokesperson of any kind.  I’ve known her over 20 years and I have ALWAYS loved her aesthetic.  When you go to her web site, you will see all of the places you can find her scarves.  Check it out…you will be glad you did! Here’s a few more of my favorites from the Fall collection…