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Bio Chic: Our Favorite Organic Beauty Boutiques in Paris

Posted: 19 Dec 2013 07:19 AM PST

HiP Paris Blog, Didier Gauducheau, Senteurs de Fée, Bio Beauty

Senteurs de Fée

It’s no secret that French girls love their products. Here in Paris, you can find a cream, serum or supplement for just about anything that ails – from cellulite to les cernes to an old fashioned case of the blues.

HiP Paris Blog, Didier Gauducheau, Mademoiselle Bio, Bio Beauty

Mademoiselle Bio

Traditionally, most of these (often fabulous) remedies have been found at the parfumerie or pharmacie. (Remember Tory’s post on French pharmacy favorites?) But a fresh breed of organic, natural and holistic goodies is making its mark on the Parisian beauty scene and finding a niche at the intersection of bio and la beauté.

HiP Paris Blog, Didier Gauducheau, Senteurs de Fée, Bio Beauty

Senteurs de Fée

As for me, I’ve long been a skeptic when it comes to natural beauty goods, wary of pasty products and cardboard packaging filled with good intentions but questionable effectiveness. But the more I read about carcinogenic cosmetics bearing unpronounceable ingredients, I’ve started to wonder: Could these Parisian bio boutiques change the mind (and even the skin) of a conventional beauty brand devotee? I decided to investigate.

HiP Paris Blog, Didier Gauducheau, Florame, Bio Beauty


Here’s a roundup of favorites that sell gorgeous, natural remedies, scents and treatments perfect for any aspiring Parisian bobo beauty.

HiP Paris Blog, Didier Gauducheau, Florame, Bio Beauty


HiP Paris Blog, Didier Gauducheau, Mademoiselle Bio, Bio Beauty

Mademoiselle Bio

Mademoiselle Bio
The largest retailer I visited, Mademoiselle Bio is a small French chain – the organic answer to beauty emporiums like Sephora and Marionnaud (minus the olfactory assault.) In a clean, crisp setting that feels more pharmacy than perfumerie, the shop carries beloved, mostly European brands like Melita, Weleda, Phyt’s and of course, Dr. Hausckhka. There are also a number of niche lines as well as cult organic perfumers Les Fleurs de Bach and Honoré des Pres.

HiP Paris Blog, Didier Gauducheau, Mademoiselle Bio, Bio Beauty 6

Mademoiselle Bio

Unable to resist the promise of a sparkling complexion (hope springs eternal!), the knowledgeable saleswoman convinced me to try an apple-based cleanser à l’huile. Oil cleanser for my skin? Surely she was joking. But after a few days of use, my interest is piqued. I wouldn’t say radiant but perhaps I’m showing a bit of improved clarity and evened tone? There might be something to this bio-beauty thing after all…

HiP Paris Blog, Didier Gauducheau, Mademoiselle Bio, Bio Beauty

Mademoiselle Bio

(8 boutiques in Paris)
28 Rue des Archives, Paris 75003
Tel: 01 42 78 30 86
Metro: Hotel de Ville

HiP Paris Blog, Didier Gauducheau, Mademoiselle Bio, Bio Beauty

Mademoiselle Bio

HiP Paris Blog, Didier Gauducheau, Florame, Bio Beauty


I visited the Florame boutique on the rue Dupuytren in the 6th determined not to buy but simply to savor the experience of the high-quality essential oils for which the brand is known.

HiP Paris Blog, Didier Gauducheau, Florame, Bio Beauty


Deeply devoted to sustainability and fair trade, Florame prides itself on its dedication to the farmers (in France, Madagascar and beyond) who produce the plants from which they draw their oils and to the integrity of their brand that bears the Cosmebio, AB and Ecocert imprimaturs. Highlights include their 100% pure essential oil home scent diffusers, aromatherapy oils and organic skincare for men, including cedar and argan oils. A Christmas gift for the eco-conscious hubby? I’ll be back…

HiP Paris Blog, Didier Gauducheau, Florame, Bio Beauty


8 Rue Dupuytren, Paris 75006
Tel: 01 44 07 34 53
Metro: Odeon

HiP Paris Blog, Didier Gauducheau, Florame, Bio Beauty

Senteurs de Fée

HiP Paris Blog, Didier Gauducheau, Senteurs de Fée, Bio Beauty

Senteurs de Fée

Senteurs de Fée
This gem of a boutique on the rue Sevigne in the Marais bears witness to the passion and knowledge of its Parisian owner, Katia Bielli, a self-proclaimed artist and florist. Visiting her gorgeous boutique is to enter her world devoted to natural, organic goodness as embodied in beautiful massage oils, skin and hair care products and a seductive world of scent.

HiP Paris Blog, Didier Gauducheau, Senteurs de Fée, Bio Beauty

Senteurs de Fée

It was impossible to resist the lovely packaging and pure promise of her l’Huile Vraie body oil (light, non-greasy, gorgeous) combining rose, neroli, jasmine, ylang ylang…you get the idea. Softer skin that leaves a trace of delicate scent, this one had me convinced. I was also tempted by her “regenerating” cleanser, Nectar de Rose. (I made a mental note to return when I exhaust my tube of apple/oil cleanser).

HiP Paris Blog, Didier Gauducheau, Senteurs de Fée, Bio Beauty

Senteurs de Fée

For those seeking a complete bio experience, Mademoiselle Bio also offers a range of on-site treatments like massages, facials (you choose from their product line), manicures and organic waxing. In the end, when it comes to natural skin and body care, my investigation has made me a convert. After all, shouldn’t we care as much about what we put on our bodies as what we put in them?

HiP Paris Blog, Didier Gauducheau, Mademoiselle Bio, Bio Beauty

Mademoiselle Bio

10 Rue de Sévigné, 75004 Paris
Tel: 01 44 54 97 27
Metro: St Paul

HiP Paris Blog, Didier Gauducheau, Florame, Bio Beauty 5


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Written by Paige Bradley Frost for the HiP Paris Blog. All photos by Didier Gauducheau. Looking for a fabulous vacation rental in Paris, London, Provence, or Tuscany? Check out Haven in Paris.



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Screen shot 2013-12-03 at 10.09.46 PMJon Moss of Culture Club…

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I am reblogging this post since I’m off to the National Pop Culture conference in April 2014…can’t wait to visit Chicago again! If anyone has other suggestions, send them my way…


I found these lovely articles about eclairs in Paris from the blogs “Lost in Cheeseland”  and “the hip Paris blog”, which I will share momentarily, but what got to me was the fact that even the Parisians, who are known for doing things a particular way, have taken off down the American path of derivatives…you can’t just have a donut, it has to be a cronut, or a Monut, or some fancy jacked up flavor, like chocolate chai.  Now the Parisians are doing the same thing with eclairs, and I’m really not sure I’m ready for such a seismic shift in culture, nor a yuzu flavored sweet…

We Americans have been practicing the craft of derivatives for a very long time (Baskin Robbins 31 flavors anyone?) but the French…mais non!! How do you feel about this overabundance of choice?

The New Wave of Eclairs in Paris


eclair de genie


French pastry remains a fierce object of fascination but these days, more for the ways in which it breaks with convention than its storied past.  The most iconic in this vast spectrum is unequivocally the éclair, firmly anchored in the national consciousness and a consummate favorite among children and adults alike.

Despite its status as the most preferred pastry among French gourmands, the éclair has rarely inspired the imaginations of pastry chefs who have long perceived its simple form too limiting. But that’s beginning to change with the arrival of two shops entirely devoted to the cream-puff pastry, prepared to usher it into the canons of contemporary French pâtisserie.

L’Eclair de Génie plays up the éclair as an epoch-defining work of art in a concept-store environment (and has since its founder Christophe Adam was revolutionizing the pastry for Fauchon) while L’Atelier de l’Eclair introduces a savory form of the classic treat in addition to their many sweet iterations.

wrote about both for En Route Magazine (Air Canada) but what I didn’t mention was my personal favorite. By dint of crafting each éclair by hand, irregularities in the shells are noticeable at L’Atelier de l’Eclair and they’re fiercely proud of their artisanal approach, which I love. But Christophe Adam’s prowess in aesthetic, flavor and form trumps all of pastry chef Loïc Bret‘s creations. Flavors change with the seasons, like a fashion collection, but a two regulars get my vote: Madagascar Vanilla topped with toasted pecans and Yuzu Lemon.

Read more about the two and decide for yourself on your next visit to Paris! Click HERE to read my article on En Route.

And from the Hip Paris blog, read about a smackdown between the two revered eclair shops mentioned above…



What do you think on the topic? Like it, hate it, can’t decide?

It’s the newest concept in shopping, not the pop-up concept, which has been around a while, but a carefully curated and crafted showcase of merchandise held all over the country to show that American made goods are not only stylish, relevant and worth the extra cost, but uber-hip at the same time.  Northern Grade carefully selects vendors to include in its pop up events, which have been held already in cities across America, including Richmond, San Francisco, Chicago and more to come.




Sign up for their mailing list to find out about upcoming shows…next one up, Minneapolis.  I am promoting them on my own, as I believe in what they are trying to do.  I hope they bring one to Charlotte soon!!




techno dining


Imagine eating a 22 course meal while simultaneously being indulged in every sense, from everchanging murals to scents piped in for over-the-top aromas?  Sound crazy?  It’s already happening in Shanghai and other locales across the globe with “Multisensory Dining”, a concept that incorporates heightened emotion as a key component in this new gastronomic movement…coming to a McDonald’s near you?  Read about it here.



Ok, this is a trend I’m clearly not ready for…who out there is??  Read all about it here.