So the other day I was emailing back and forth with my friend in NY who has a scarf line, Elizabeth Gillett. She’s been spotting articles for me on sustainable fashion and out of the blue she said she wanted to send me a scarf from her new fall line!  Christmas came early this year!


I agree that this is a lousy selfie, and the scarf is halfway covered up by the seat belt strap, but no matter.  Everywhere I wear this scarf, people comment on how beautiful it is.  My friend told me it was inspired by the wooden water tanks on the rooftops in NYC where she lives.  It reminds her of the way the wood gets ombred and shaded over time…so cool, don’t you think?

I am not a paid spokesperson of any kind.  I’ve known her over 20 years and I have ALWAYS loved her aesthetic.  When you go to her web site, you will see all of the places you can find her scarves.  Check it out…you will be glad you did! Here’s a few more of my favorites from the Fall collection…