I’m not going till next March, but its never too early to start thinking about where to dine in NYC.  We only have 4 nights, and those 4 choices are crucial ones.  Shigure is definitely on the short list…



My kind of place is comfortable, food-centric, and of course, anything Japanese naturally moves to the top of my list.  Yes, there are umpteen options, from yakitori joints to the uber-hip izakaya places.  I’ve been to several on previous trips and compared to Japan, I found them overrated and noisy.  I’m looking for something a bit less Disney-esque.

Shigure meets those requirements perfectly.  Its homey and low key, with exposed brick walls yet noteworthy music (if the NY Times mentions it, its got to be good).  The focus is clearly on Japanese oriented beverages and small plates meant to induce lively conversation and a memorable evening.  Check out the recent NY Times article here.

And for those of you who are slaves to the Tripadvisor restaurant reviews, I would suggest you take them with a grain of salt.  I find that a bit of detective work done on your own is a better measure of a great meal.