I couldn’t have said it better myself. Benedict Cumberbatch is worth watching, no matter what the role. I discovered his talent last year in the British series Sherlock (which blows the American version Elementary out of the water, by the way) and have been hooked ever since…call me a Cumerbitch too. It’s a title I’ll gladly wear.

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Fact: There are a lot of Benedict Cumberbatch fans on this planet.

Fact: Those fans are mostly female and call themselves Cumberbitches.

Fact: I normally try to steer clear from everything that might involve frantic shouting (“Bennie, We Love You!”), unintentional fainting or throwing my panties at someone’s head.

Yes, all the facts were pointing towards a seemingly obvious outcome: I would never become a Cumberbitch. It was not in my nature to surrender myself to idolatry and neither did I want to be associated with annoyingly cheerful teenagers…

But sometimes life is full of twists and turns. In this very logical sum of facts, I left a very important element out of the equation: The fact that Benedict Cumberbatch is –by far!- the best actor of his generation. This undeniable fact sneaked into my life and completely overruled all the others. Hence, I’m now officially a Cumberbitch. (If…

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