Before I continue, just check out the serious sway around my daughters neck.  I won’t go into all the accolades she received at graduation because there are so many it would take the entire post, and that is not the point I want to make…

I could tell you that I’m sad (I am) or that I feel old (not really) or that it all went by too fast (it did) but what I really want to tell you is how incredibly GRATEFUL I feel for having been Celia’s mother these last eighteen years.  It has been the greatest joy in my life.  Nothing beats it. Nothing.

Furthermore, she taught me so many things.  I know its supposed to be the other way around, but in reality, the reverse is true if you allow it to be.

To my daughter on her 18th birthday:

What she taught me…

Care deeply

Engage in every conversation fully

Love wisely, but when you do, love with your whole heart

Invest in your future a little bit every day

A smile goes a lot farther than a frown

Value friendships

Ignore those who would pull you down

Teach others a better way of doing things

Always work hard, no matter how simple the task might be

Lose yourself in the moment

Enjoy life, and all the happiness it brings


Treasure every day with your children, and learn from them as they learn from you…