This past weekend’s farmers market was filled with fresh figs and I couldn’t help purchasing some.  I’ve been wanting to make a cake recipe that I pulled out of Gourmet in 2009 (ok, so I’m a pack rat for recipes), but it calls for fig preserves, so I made the preserves, or in this case, jam and will use one for the cake.



I used a recipe from the blog, Kiss My Spatula (love the name!) for Fig Jam.  Here it is just getting underway above.

Her photographs are stunning…


My finished product wasn’t quite as dark as hers, but I used a different variety of fig.  I thought mine looked pretty tasty though, and you can definitely get the essence of lemon in the flavor, but not the Grand Marnier.



I can’t wait to make Frances O’Neal’s fig cake next!  This recipe link says that they adapted it, but the ingredients are identical to my original.