So the other day I was making my (world-famous) penne alla vodka, homemade of course.  Don’t ever buy those jars in the store!!  What a rip off, especially when its so darn easy to make it at home, and quickly, I might add.

The recipe is from a Bon Appetit so long ago I couldn’t find it, but as luck would have it, another blogger like me has been using the recipe FOREVER and saved me from retyping the whole thing.

Now, my man has got to have meat at every meal (what man doesn’t?) and normally, I throw some yummy sausages on the grill, but this particular night I didn’t have any.  I was getting ready to run out to the store and he said “why don’t you just throw the leftover chicken in it?” to which I immediately got defensive and turned up my nose…chicken in penne alla vodka??  Ew!!!  Then I was like, why not?


The resulting dish was not only good, it was great, and even better the next day.  While I am not advocating the bastardization of classic dishes, which I did with this one anyway, since I used rigatoni (gasp!), this pasta retained its classic flavor, and was only enhanced through the addition of protein.

Footnote: I used chicken that had been boiled with celery, carrot, onion etc for stock and hand-stripped from the bone.  What a money saver.  You end up with 1) tasty chicken stock for future risotto 2) enough chicken for (in this case) 3 meals of chicken salad and chicken for penne.