We all have those days where nothing seems to go right.  In the cooking department, it can get very ugly.  I had one of those days yesterday, but somehow after all the cussing and self-flagellation, everything worked itself out.



Ok, so its not the prettiest of pictures, but we started snarfing it down as soon as it was cool enough.  This is a flourless chocolate cake from Real Simple that is astonishingly good.  Their picture is much prettier…



But lets get right to the nonsense that went on yesterday.  First of all, I’ve made this cake a few times so I wasn’t concentrating completely.  In went the butter, cream and chocolate to be melted.  No problem.  But as soon as I put the cream in I knew something was wrong.  It called for 1 1/4 cups of heavy cream, but 1 cup of it was for the whipped cream and I had just put the whole thing in the pan…crap.  Timeout.  Being the college educated, intelligent person that I am, I finished melting everything, added some more chocolate and removed one cup of said liquid and moved on.

Then I mixed up the eggs, sugar and cocoa powder (I added more for good measure since I had reduced the chocolaty-ness from my previous mistake).  No problem. Woops, somehow I’d gotten 6 eggs into my head and it only called for 5.  Crap.  Too late.  Oh well, put in some more cocoa powder.  The batter looked fine.  I baked it and voila, it actually was the best one I’ve made so far (according to my man).

Now I had this annoying cup of chocolate/cream/butter mixture left over with no recipe.  Ok, so I added some flour (I can eat gluten), sugar and put it in one of my baby bread molds and popped it in the oven and again, voila!



Petit chocolate cake, which I’m going to have a slice of for breakfast!  As they say, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade, and I did!! Notice the well-used recipe in the background?  Oh yeah, and since I used all my heavy cream and couldn’t make the fancy whipped cream with creme fraiche, I just sprinkled the cake with powdered sugar and it was great.

Anyone else have kitchen foibles they’d like to share (so I don’t feel like the only one)?