Premise: Two older guys (Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson) play watch salesmen who lose their jobs, because as John Goodman (in a fantastic cameo appearance) states, “no one wears a watch anymore, they just look at their phone”.  So true.

Speaking of cameos, another great one is Will Ferrell, as a mattress salesman.  He plays Owen Wilson’s sister’s boyfriend, who gets him a job basically cleaning mattresses.  Its a hilarious few minutes of the movie I won’t give away. Hint: he is a womanizing jerk with a huge tattoo on his neck (in Sanskrit).

Ok, back to the premise: Vince Vaughn decides they need to try and work for Google, but the internship is the only way in.  They sign up for University of Phoenix (they call it “the Harvard of the internet”) which in and of itself is hilarious as they parade around in the eponymous tee shirts, and it allows them to apply as interns at Google.

Their Skype interview was so funny it still makes me laugh thinking about it…

They miraculously land a summer spot and the fun ensues.  Teams pair up and compete for full time positions. Needless to say, they end up with a bunch of misfits.  But their charisma and charm make up for their age, and well, I won’t give away what happens, but there are some hilarious scenes, from developing an App, to Quidditch games.

For someone like me who was raised Pre-computers, it is hilarious to see the 20-somethings versus the old guys…and there are some poignant moments as well…as the younger group points out generational differences and challenges that they face.  With 2 teens myself, what they said hit home.

I can not recommend this movie highly enough.  It was funny, interesting and uplifting.  I don’t mind spending a couple of hours on a rainy afternoon passing the time with two of my favorite actors either 🙂