By now half the world has had a first glimpse of the royal baby, but my eyes were fixated on Kate Middleton, not only her natural beauty and radiance (talk about a post-baby glow!) but the fact that she did not try to conceal what every mom on the planet already knows….yes, after you have a baby you still look completely pregnant!



I am so tired of all the celebrities who appear as though they are svelte right after giving birth and as all moms know, that is just not the case. Some famous moms even go into seclusion until their figures recover (like Kim Kardashian and many others-I’m not singling her out intentionally, she’s just a very recent case).

Yes, the weight does go away.  For me it was about 4 weeks or so before I stopped looking like I hadn’t had the baby yet.  Thank goodness that Kate is real enough to show the world what we really look like after giving birth.  She should be knighted for her bravery, and I mean that sincerely.

If more women would embrace the reality of what birth does to a woman’s body, and in a VERY public way, surely it will make it a bit easier for the rest of us (commoners!).  Perhaps post-partum depression will lessen, or at least new mothers might feel less stigma associated with a post-pregnancy physique.  Its time to feel like hey, it’s ok not to look perfect after you have a baby…its just part of the process, one I would gladly repeat any day….looks like Kate would too!

Would love to hear your thoughts on this topic…