My fourth of July weekend was amazing, and included many things, the most interesting of which was trying out Vine for the first time.  Its basically a 6 second video loop that you create by just holding down on the screen.  So easy a monkey can do it (once he’s taught).  I am not paid to promote this app either, its just super cool and useful, think vacation loops, capturing special moments, etc.  Since I have teenagers, let me tell you that its the latest greatest thing, more fun than Instagram and immensely entertaining.

You can follow people just like on Instagram or Facebook, but far more engaging.  Check out Brittany Furlan, who has over one million followers and is clearly obsessed with the app.  Rob Lowe’s on there too, if you’re interested, so are a lot of other celebrities.

Of course you can follow me too at trendbytes, even though I’m no where near as prolific as some!

Here are some highlights from the long weekend, including family and friends, fireworks, red/blue jello shots (non-alcoholic, these are teens!), blueberry pancakes while camping, and Buster love…

IMG_1062 IMG_1063 IMG_1067 IMG_1068 IMG_1071 IMG_1075