Normally I am not a fan of Rachel Ray, but this dish rocks!  It is a vaguely greek inspired grilled chicken with romaine, tomato, cukes, kalamata olives and feta. There is a very light lemony oregano dressing on it.  I forego the red onions because I don’t care for them, and I use chicken breasts instead of chicken tenders.  Seriously, who wants to pay $5.99 for the privilege of only a portion of a chicken breast instead of $1.99 for the whole butcher’s cut?  I planned for leftovers so that the next night I made (leftover) chicken and spinach risotto.



Now, if you’re scared of making risotto because the directions seem bewildering (soffrito, brodo, condiment, riso), let me start by saying not to let the fancy phraseology scare you from trying what I consider to be the most insanely wonderful Italian comfort foods on the planet (and its gluten free, since its rice, not pasta).

Let me break it down for you…

1.Soffritto…just saute chopped up onions in butter or butter/olive oil

2. Riso…Then add the arborio rice, usually 1-1 1/2 cups for 4 people and stir in thoroughly to coat the grains.

3. Brodo…first add about 1/2 cup white wine, then have a pot of simmering broth (I always use homemade chicken stock) and add a ladle at a time, as the liquid soaks into the rice.

4.  This is the most important tip…KEEP STIRRING and DO NOT walk away from the stove for 18-20 minutes while doing #3 over and over until the risotto has a soft, but not mushy bite (taste after about 15-16 minutes).  I have a glass of wine already poured for me during this phase of the recipe.

5. Condimenti…at the very end, add whatever you like into the risotto, like my chicken and spinach (right from the bag is fine).  I recently made a ground beef and carrot version that I blogged about which was lovely.  My other fav is ham and pea.  There are umpteen iterations to try…use your imagination.  Just make sure whatever you add is already cooked (like chicken, beef, etc. BEFORE you add it to the risotto).

6.  To finish, sprinkle with parmesan cheese, a splash of cream and freshly ground pepper.

You will thank me…