I rarely write about TV, the occasional movie perhaps, but I veer away from critiquing television because, well, its so darn easy to criticize.  Having said that, I can’t help but warn those of you who have not had the misfortune of tuning in to the most recent premiere of CBS’s ‘Under the Dome’.  The sole reason I had for watching was the fact that it was filmed in Wilmington, NC and since I’m a Carolina girl, I was curious.  And it was written by Stephen King, who may not be a ‘fine’ writer, but a good eerie storyteller for sure.

Let me lay it down for you.  The writers were on crack.  Not stoned, because it would have been way better.  On. Crack.

Synopsis: Bad man buries dead guy (who happens to be town’s doc) then shacks up with wife(who doesn’t know he’s dead); black/white lesbian couple with angry (white) teen diabetic daughter on her way to boot camp (not happening), teen couple have sex; dude is psycho…locks her in dad’s underground bunker (Dad is power-hungry pseudo-mayor who knows something about what’s going on with the dome…bankrupt desperate townies); cow cut in half, literally…really? Did you have to? Old sheriff with pacemaker that explodes out of his chest…again, did you have to?  Black female deputy engaged to white firefighter (who ends up outside the dome).  Frankly, who cares what happens in the next episode because everyone is so f***ed up that it should have been called Village of the Damned.

Now, lest you think that I am prejudiced with the above comments, I am vehemently not, but I detest how Hollywood has to create a world where everything is ‘politically correct’ to the point that it’s just messed up.  No wonder the (white) teen girl is so angry with two bickering biracial Moms.

If I were the head of this writing team, I would 1) take away the crack 2) close them in a room with nothing to watch but all the episodes of 24, Justified, and the British version of Sherlock for several days and 3) reverse politically correct training…maybe a few weeks of watching SNL and Monte Python?

Please do not waste your valuable time watching this retched excuse for ‘entertainment’.  I’m sorry I did…