No posts as of late means either extreme procrastination (not the case) or vacation.  My mini-escape was to the lovely Outer Banks (known as OBX on car stickers) of North Carolina, namely the Southern Shores/Duck area, which is devoid of hotels, except for the (awesome) Sanderling Hotel, and the (just ok) Hilton Garden Inn in Southern Shores.  This is the place to go when you want to rent a house and focus on R and R.  We did just that…



Here is the gorgeous view from our deck…



Requisite beach read, which was surprisingly good, and the best smelling sunscreen on the planet (yes, better than those coconut ones!) and some rays…you get the idea.



And family, my gorgeous gal wearing her “I got your crabs” tee…ok, so let me explain right now that  there is a trend (far too widespread for my taste) to name your seafood restaurant an off-color name…Dirty Dicks, Awful Arthurs, etc. and then sell a tee shirt with a similarly suggestive slogan, like above.  Well, this particular place, “I got your crabs” is new, and is seriously good, reasonable and way too small of a local hangout.  I hate eating off of plastic, but aside from that glaring issue, the food was great, in a ‘fried seafood’ kind of way.  And we pretty much had everything off the menu…scallops, shrimp bisque, fried fish, snow crab, blue crab, sides, etc.

If you want haute, head over to the Blue Point in Duck for decor and extraordinary dishes with a southern flair.