Starbucks newest trends…you heard it here first!

starbucks refreshers


Starbucks is adding to its refresher menu with a new orange flavor, replete with orange slices…I don’t have the launch date, but the barista’s were just informed (helps to have someone on the inside…).  In addition, they are getting a peach syrup, so you will be able to have peach flavored tea this summer…mmmm.

starbucks coffee


I’m not sure I get this next one, but they will be launching a new coffee drink; orange spice.  I guess someone in R & D really loves oranges!  I question the summer timeframe for this particular flavor, but whatever, they didn’t ask me.  I would have chosen a winter launch.  When I think of oranges, I immediately think of Laura Ingalls Wilder, and the Christmas where each girl received a candy cane and an orange.  Mary savored her gifts for weeks, while Laura couldn’t help herself and gobbled hers up right away.  The  unctuous description of the single orange was so powerful it sticks with me today, decades later…but I digress.  My point is that when I think of oranges, I think of winter, plus I lived in Florida for years and that’s when they ripen, so there.

Starbucks is pretty savvy, so I’m sure they’ve done market research…blah, blah that says people will like it in summer.  Maybe it only comes iced…we shall see.  Just remember where you heard it first!


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2 thoughts on “Starbucks newest trends…you heard it here first!

  1. Orange would be more appropriate for winter (and btw, I also remember that – loved me some Little House when I was younger). Living in Florida, our oranges are ready between December and February. The oranges in stores now are from California.

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