Love this mass customization idea!!

Blue Sky Daze

Personalised Coke bottles have only arrived in Ireland in the last few weeks and they’re already incredibly popular. Whoever came up with the idea is a very smart employee — it’s such a simple yet effective way to really grab people’s attention. I’d been on the look-out for my own name ever since I found out about these so I was pretty excited to finally come across it today!

coke pic

It’s lovely that they’re featuring Irish names and that they’re even including the ‘fada’. The best way to explain this to my non-Irish readers is that ‘fada’ literally means ‘long’ in Irish. In the Irish language, the fada goes over certain vowels to lengthen the pronunciation of that letter so in this case, the ‘e’ is pronounced like ‘eahh’ (I hope this makes sense. It’s been a while since I spoke as Gaeilge!).

Anyway, moving on from the Irish grammar lesson, I was really pleased to…

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