I was inspired, no, challenged is the better word, by the blog http://www.joannaloves.wordpress.com to ‘dream up’ how to spend 4000 GBP, or $6039.20 on clothing and apparel related items (including makeup, fragrance and accessories).  Now, being a former Fashion Director, you would think that I would be able to ‘spend’ that at the drop of a hat.  Joanna did a quick job of it, by the way.

I, however, several hours later, am still sitting here and have only managed to ‘spend’ approximately $3500.  I think I know why.  If I had that kind of money to spend, I wouldn’t be spending it on apparel.  I would take half and stash it in the stock market(maybe on the next generation of farting apps?), and the other half I would use to go to NYC next spring to watch my daughter sing at Carnegie Hall (for the second time!) with Eric Whitacre.  You can always have more ‘stuff’, but memories last a lifetime, and besides, NY is expensive and who wants to visit the city and feel poor?

Here’s what I did manage to ‘spend’….

2 pairs of AG jeans (best on the planet)-Angel 11 year and Stilt in white

Irving and Fine Kutch coat (the most expensive item at $650)


French Sole ballet flats in snakeskin print

DVF wrap dress (a classic!)

Trina Turk Jocelyn skirt (on sale for $159.60)

Liberty for JCrew floral scarf

Thomas Mason for JCrew white shirt

Zara Print Dress (a bargain at $89.90)



Zara Iridescent Sandals (a $49.00, crazy cheap to style ratio)


Mystique for Club Monaco toe ring sandals in celadon

mystique sandals

Prada Infusion D’Iris, my favorite perfume, the biggest bottle they have ($138)

Ok, so I broke down at the end and splurged a bit…

Manolo Blahnik BB pumps in camel (again, a classic, albeit an expensive one, at $595)

Reiss Pina handbag in cornflower blue (for the boho in me…)

And just for fun, Superga tennis shoes, for that cool Italian vibe (available at ClubMonaco in navy or white at JCrew) $80



What would you buy with $6000 if you were spending it on apparel??  It’s easier said than done…