Too entertaining not to share…

The Preppy Princess

Hello-Hello, and welcome to a weekend. (Well, it’s almost here.)

In the spirit of ‘let’s have a little Friday Fun,’ we present a few items from “17 Preppy Struggles,” a post on BuzzFeed’s Community page. The series of “struggles” was originally posted last weekend, on the 12th.

Here is the first item in the post.

Another ‘struggle’ on the list references Lilly Pulitzer.

Parenthetically, is this spring’s collection brighter or more neon-like than I noticed….?

Back to our list, here is #11.

Hmmm. That seems to be another challenge I haven’t yet encountered, the trendy prep. (Perhaps I live a sheltered existence?) This next photo was also included under Item #11. Presumably someone decked out a pair of pseudo-Sperrys? I can’t quite make out the brand name of the shoe pictured, but let’s be fair: there have been some Sperry designs of late that aren’t all that…

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