According to Plum Sykes in this month’s Vogue magazine, the opportunity to customize a classic Ferragamo pump, called the ‘Vara’, was too good to pass up.  It is not a cheap privilege, however.  You will be charged $550 for being able to somewhat choose your color, bow, heel and shoe fabric.  I say ‘somewhat’ because there is not an endless list of choices, and they are not going to let you mix two unseemly colors together.  It only allows certain bow and heel colors with the shoe color, for example.  But it was fun playing around with the concept.  I just might see a deep purple one with a plum bow in my future…



What I like about the concept is the less waste from the manufacturer’s end, and once you’ve customized something (you can even have your initials placed on the metal Ferragamo label) and made it your own, you will more than likely want to keep it and treasure it for a long time, reducing this vicious ‘throwaway’ fashion culture we’re in.  More and more of these ‘mass customization’ sites are popping up.  There are several sites devoted to shoes, handbags and jewelry.  I’d like to see more for apparel (although there are some out there).  Burberry has a ‘Bespoke’ section where you can customize their trench, but not for less than $2000!

What do you think of the idea?  Have you tried it out yet anywhere?