The WSJ published an article by the hilarious Joe Queenan the other day that had me laughing so hard in the OB/GYN office that another lady sitting nearby had to ask me what the heck I was reading.  Since I only have a hard copy, and I looked everywhere to try and download the article in a format my followers could actually read, you’ll just have to download it yourself or find someone who has an online subscription(I’m afraid I don’t).evolution-hipster

Trust me, this shit is funny!

He states that a hipster’s ‘storehouse of sartorial sight gags are antiquated’ and posits that ‘the problem with such lurid self-nerdification is that the rest of us have to look at it’.  He goes on to point out that the whole look is a borrowed set of cliches, from John Belushi and Laverne and Shirley to Garrison Keillor.  One of my favorite quips in the whole piece was “the only human being I know of who wears a porkpie hat with any real conviction or panache is Spike Lee.  Everybody else looks like a jerk.”

His suggestions for updating the hipster look include the following gut-wrenchingly funny ideas: zouave pants, loincloths, sombreros, floppy perukes and fluffy shirts (I immediately thought of Jerry Seinfeld and the puffy shirt episode which made me laugh even harder), explicitly paleolithic i.e. fig leaves, etc., and of course the suggestion people are already buzzing about….golfwear, as in the mid-70’s look…burgundy trousers, white patent-leather shoes and belt, canary-hued knit shirt and a two-toned cardigan borrowed from Greg Norman.  Plus-fours. Muttonchops and bangs…OMG, he is too funny for words!

Get your hands on this article any way you can!