Two recent openings in LA are garnering a lot of attention these days, and its not another Forever XXI!  These 2 unique formats, Wild Style and Just One Eye, set the retail bar a notch higher…



Ok, so the graphic could be much improved upon, but check out some of the interior shots for a better idea of their hip street wear vibe…

Just One eye exterior

This is the exterior of Just One Eye, housed in Howard Hughes former studios…this retailer is art-cum-fashion and I’m dying to check it out!

Just one eye interior


Seriously, what is not to love in this picture?  They carry loads of exclusives, European brands and unique collaborations.  For more pics, check out this photographer’s sneak peek for Refinery 29.  They have some seriously over-the-top items(gold plated Kiki de Montparnasse handcuffs for one) as well as some thoughtfully curated gifts and collectibles, including Taschen Books, so they’re clearly doing something right.

If anyone has visited either, let me know what you think!