So we managed to snag a few free tickets to the Wells Fargo Golf Championship yesterday, and although I am not a golf fan per se, it was very interesting to watch.  No, I didn’t see some of the more talked about moments, like when Phil Mickelson bonked some poor guy on the head, or the Eagle at hole 18 by Gary Woodland, although we did hear the screaming, but we did get to see Rory McIlroy up close and personal at the 9th hole with a stunning lob wedge over a tree onto the green…one realizes just how insanely talented these guys are, since I have played a bit of golf and can honestly say that 1) its a difficult game to play and 2) I’m really, really terrible at it.

Wells Fargo Championship - Round Two

This was Rory yesterday, and he seriously looked just as focused when I saw him…

But the best part of the tournament was walking around in a down parka all day (I am being facetious here), since it was cold and windy.  Usually in Charlotte this time of year its blazing hot…global warming?  I think not!