I was inspired reading Flora’s Table post about her new copy of Grimm’s Fairy Tales for her daughter, and thought I’d share my copy with you.  I dug it out at an antique store somewhere, and although the cover is a bit torn up, the rest of the book is pristine, and I paid a hefty $6 for it!


It was published in 1889, and the illustrations in black and white, were done by E. H. Wehnert and the color ones by F.A. Fraser. Here is the first one in the book….


There is an inscription from 1890 on the inside cover page as it was obviously given as a gift…amazing that something well over 100 years could be so beautiful today…


BTW, the Grimm fairy tales original title was “Kinder und Hausmarchen”, which translates literally to Children and House stories versus what we know today as ‘fairy tales’…interesting…