So in case you didn’t know, my daughter has decided to go to UNC-Chapel Hill for college and I couldn’t be more pleased.  She got a full ride there and University of Florida (no small feat) as well as close to a full ride at Oxford, part of Emory University.  She was deferred at Penn for early admission, and didn’t end up getting in, which was a crushing blow, but she is resilient and Carolina isn’t a shoddy ‘fall-back’ school.

At any rate, we went over last week for an all-day orientation and although we had made plans to go out the night before to one of Durham’s trendy farm-to-table restaurants, by the time we got to our (Marriott, of course) hotel, we could barely budge.  So we ended up a stone’s throw away at a place called Mez.



So ok, it was in a strip mall of sorts, but it did look pretty inviting, especially for the relative middle of nowhere.  I was also having a weird case of deja vu with the place too, but more on that in a moment.

We head inside and the place is super spacious; two floors in an expansive and airy space.  We were seated in a cozy booth and as dog tired as we were, started to check out the menu, which was what I would call Cal-Mex.

We ordered the tamales and the steak tacos…boy, were we pleasantly surprised with our dishes…



Ok, that is one awesome lookin’ tamale!  The green rice made a nice visual counterpoint.



My daughter’s steak tacos…she deliberated over ordering the fish tacos, but I think she would have made a great choice either way!

After such an amazing feast, we had to check out dessert, especially when our waiter told us everything was house made…tres leches cake seemed the only way to go, and we were right…



Yowza!  That was one ginormous piece of decadence!

So if you ever find yourself in Durham, don’t discount this strip mall gem!

I figured out the deja vu…I had eaten here once before when I attended a Cotton Incorporated workshop, and they treated us to a lovely dinner here in the private dining room upstairs.  I remember being as impressed then as I was now…