We had the opportunity to go to the opera last night, right here in small-town USA, and saw ‘The Pearl Fishers’ by Bizet.  Even my fiancé liked it, and that’s saying a lot!  And my daughter took a date, who had never been to an opera before, and even he was surprised to have enjoyed it (or at least he acted like he did!).

Basically its the story of two guys having a bromance, but they fall in love with the same girl, who happens to be a high priestess, so the guilt and lovesick ennui is flying.  I won’t tell you what happens, but it is a completely enjoyable way to spend an evening.  Oh yeah, and its set in ancient Ceylon, so the costumes are exotic, as is the dancing.



Fortunately, the English translation of the French lyrics were posted above the stage, as you can see from the picture, making it a lot more easy to tell what the heck was going on.

We were also fortunate to have some incredible talent in our humble town, from the lead (and only featured) female Leila, played by Janinah Burnett, who sings at the Met regularly and both Chad Johnson (Nadir-tenor) and Mark Walters (Zurga-bass), who was my personal favorite.  His voice was haunting and rich, and it didn’t hurt that he was incredibly good looking 🙂

The Opera Carolina Chorus and the Charlotte Symphony Orchestra rounded out the performance with their highly talented ensembles.

Has anyone else seen an Opera lately?