RIP to one of the most original prepsters…your memory will live on, vibrantly!

The Daily South

Farewell, Lilly. We were saddened to learn about the passing of the grand dame of Palm Beach, Lilly Pulitzer (age 81) over the weekend. We love a lady who doesn’t cry over spilled milk juice, but instead turns it into a fashion empire. You see, she originally created her signature bold print shifts as a way to camouflage citrus fruit stains, a pesky occupational hazard of owning an orange juice stand. Soon the O.J. business gave way to a Technicolor clothing line–a must-have for the preppy set since the 1960s.

Here in the South we’re especially happy-go-Lilly. The whimsical frocks make a perfect pairing for the casual, but dressed-to-the-nines lifestyle we embrace in these parts. (Not to mention the crisp cotton fabrics help us keep our cool during unbearably hot summer shindigs.)

In honor Lilly’s extraordinary life we’re sharing her best pearls of wisdom. Pass them on to someone who…

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