Take the era of steam engines, aka the Victorian period, and mash it up with modern/sci-fi elements and you get Steampunk.  The name was coined back in the 1980’s by a writer trying to define his particular genre.  It reminds me of Jules Verne mixed with the Wild West, which are both influences of the style.  But it goes way beyond style.  This subculture has conferences, goes on cruises together, and generally stops traffic when seen together as a group.



Here is a taste of what it looks like for the female…



And the male…

There are no hard and fast rules to the style as it draws from many different influences….as the event coordinator for the Steampunk Exhibition Ball states:

Steampunk is an alternate history of the Victorian era. It’s a fantasy world where steam power remains king. Steampunk’s origins are in science fiction literature but it has now grown to a subculture focused on arts of all types. There is a heavy costume or fashion component to steampunk but that is really the last art form to be touched by the style.


Read more: http://www.seattlepi.com/national/article/Steampunk-fashion-is-heading-for-the-4203715.php#ixzz2PWpkkB5H

I’m really into the look…what do you think??