Must try this tea…sounds like some of Mariage Freres teas…mmmm.

Manhattan Maven

Harney & Son’s Fine Tea

Green Tea with Thai Flavors; Coconut, Vanilla, Ginger and Lemongrass

I first discovered this magical tea in Geneva at the Kempinski Spa while my friend Alexandra was visiting.  We liked it so much that we stuffed our robe pockets full of the tea bags and lived off of them for another few weeks!  Couple’a tea thieves we were.  (They told us it was free and didn’t specify a quota so I think it falls in the fair game realm).

I searched high and low for it afterwards but to no avail.  I had nearly forgotten about it until a few days ago I was stocking up on necessities at Gourmet Garage around the corner and as I was reaching for the olive oil, the pink tin caught my eye!  Tossed two in my basket without a second thought.

Now I can’t live without it at…

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