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The Preppy Princess

Hello-Hello, happy new week to everyone.

Today we briefly revisit a topic we have nattered on about relentlessly chatted about occasionally.

We’re talking about that week of fun and fashion across the pond known as Royal Ascot.  Some may recall that certain issues of propriety and style had arisen over the years and a stricter dress code was instituted. From theDaily Mail:

The new dress code was announced in January 2012, and organisers sent out reminders with badges and tickets. The decision to tighten and clarify the dress code at the annual summer event and comes amid criticism of sartorial standards which have been more loosely enforced in recent years.

In 2012 the summer racing meet unveiled a new list of sartorial rules which included banning fascinators within the Royal Enclosure and forbidding anyone from wearing strapless dresses anywhere in the park.
First, a spot of background…

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