What’s NOT to like about a clothing swap?  Everyone shows up with clothes that are in good condition (no stains, rips, etc) that they are tired of.  Each person gets to hold up their items one at a time, and you raise your hand if you want said item.  If more than one person raises their hand, that item is set aside for those people to decide who gets it at the end.  After everyone has taken their turn and most people have a pile of (new to them) clothes, a big massive TRY-ON ensues, and if items don’t fit, others can try them on if so desired.  At the end, whatever no one wants is donated to charity.

Kudos to teens like my daughter and others like her out there who are being smart about their spending and basically getting a major wardrobe refresh for a group of friends with no money out of pocket and a lot of fun and socializing to boot!



My daughter (in black and white) poring over ‘new’ jewelry with her friends at the clothing swap yesterday.

BTW, the chicken/waffle chips won out over the Sriracha Lay’s chips…everyone thought the Sriracha was too spicy!  BUT, no one really loved the chicken/waffle flavor.  They felt like they were too sweet and my daughter said it tasted just like the pancake/sausage on a stick (or what she refers to as ‘ghetto’ breakfast)…