So I just finished writing a 12 page (short, really…ha ha!) paper on cause related retailing…sounds as dry as toast, right?  Well, I learned a few things.  One-for-one business models are INSANELY successful…just look at Tom’s Shoes, for one, and Warby Parker’s annual report here, which, by the way is TOTALLY WORTH YOUR TIME because its so FLIPPIN’ CREATIVE!!!

Then there’s this…

WarbyP Katie Couric


Yes, that’s Katie Couric, gangsta style, sportin some serious Warby’s…

Then there’s this….



That’s Blake Mycoskie, founder of Tom’s Shoes, and BTW, author of “Start Something that Matters”, which is one my reading list AFTER I finish 4 (or so) books on Marie Antoinette (that’s another long grad school story for another time).  Isn’t he adorable (and super wealthy)?  Gotta love him, pfooey on the nay-sayers out there.  Me, I’m not in love with the humble Tom’s styling, except for the wedges, but there’s not a high school student in the country that doesn’t own (or conspire to own) a pair.  For that, I give him credit where credit is due.  And the dude has donated untold pairs worldwide (they hit 1 milion in 2010)…

Toms shoes


Then I learned about the coolest marketing campaign EVER…Warby Parker with a ‘HUSH MOB’ at the NY Public Library the day before Fashion Week…totally wonderful (and cheap) marketing coup on their part…love it!



See?  I’m learning some cool stuff in grad school?  I’ll admit that this is the fun stuff only.  Hit me up if you want to read my dry-as-toast research!!