Today is the day the Joe Fresh boutique FINALLY opened in our market’s JCP, and it did NOT disappoint.  My daughter was beside herself and so I reluctantly pulled her out of school (appt with Doctor Penney) so we could be the first ones there at 10am sharp!

In case you are not familiar with Joe Fresh, it is owned by the same Canadians who started Club Monaco (before Ralph bought it), the Alfred Sung group and they know how to run a fashion business.  The clothing is fresh, value priced and relevant, not as pricey/stylish as Zara, but not low end and blah like Old Navy either.  They walk a fine line somewhere in the middle, and there’s something for my age, as well as my daughter’s which is a tough balancing act, but they do it well.

We both ended up buying things (my daughter more than me…everything looks cute when you’re 17!).  Here’s what she got: cream lace shorts (too adorable) to go with a black silky/knit combo top, white cropped jeans (only $19!), a neony citrine colored slub knit Vee ($10 bucks) and I got the MOST amazing black and white striped ponte dress with a full circle skirt($39) and a couple of their basic V tees (only $8, a HUGE bargain).

GET TO YOUR NEAREST JCP immediately and you will LOVE what you see!!! (I am not paid to say this) 🙂