I am so jealous of my 15 year old daughter.  She oozes style.  She ransacks my closet regularly and puts together items of mine way better than I ever could.  It makes me proud and jealous at the same time.  Proud that she’s got her mom’s fashion sense, but better (hence the jealousy).

This is what she bought the other day and I’m loving her style savvy…a statement rose gold watch.  She bought it on sale (another reason I’m proud…she’s smart with money) at Nordstrom (proud again, she’s got class).


Here’s a few more options I found online…


I am VERY partial to Movado.  I bought the ‘original’ back in the 1980’s and it’s still going strong today, 5 or so lizard bands later.

Another brand I drool over is Akribos…


What’s your take on rose gold…fashion, fad, or here to stay?