Since I’m stuck online for 2 hours today from 5-7pm, thanks to an unwitting professor, I have to get crafty with tonight’s dinner.  My wonderful fiancé said not to worry about it, and suggested a ‘comfort food’ casserole, so I will be making one of his favorites…



I know what you’re thinking…gross!  Tuna casserole?  For Valentine’s Day?  Trust me, this shit is so good, you’d fall in love with me too (you can thank me later when you serve it to that someone special and they get all goo-goo eyed over you).

Then for dessert, I’ll make strawberry shortcakes, not just any ole recipe, but Alice Waters ‘cream biscuits’ which I’ve made many times and they are wonderful and foolproof (thank me some more later).

Thanks to for doing the heavy lifting for me.  I will download my pictures later, if we don’t eat everything beforehand!