Unlike the Missoni collection for Target that literally blew me away and made me $600 poorer, the Prabal Gurung collection underwhelmed both me and my 17 year old daughter.  Now, we tried on a hefty portion of what was available at our local stores.  In fact, we drove to 2 different Targets in our market on Sunday morning because a store associate informed us at the first one that they didn’t have the full collection, so we proceeded to the second location, which had more, but not everything, including the red chiffon dress (they only had it in a hideous chartreuse) and the flats.

We did have some fun trying things on though…


Like the circle skirts, which were lovely in a cotton sateen with a neutral black based floral print, but we both felt a bit silly in them to be honest.


And the colorful watercolor florals.  My daughter did purchase the sweatshirt, even though she’s making a funny face, and she also purchased the sleeveless blouse version with sheer netting detail at the shoulders (nice touch).

You can see me in the background wearing what my fiancé though was a nightie, and interestingly enough, I thought the same thing when I put it on.  Needless to say, I did not purchase it.  My daughter tried it on too, and felt the same way.  The vertical painterly print was visually striking, but the silhouette was completely unwearable as intended.  They did offer the same print in a short skirt with lace trim, which was very lovely.

The price points were in line with previous collections and no surprises there.

Unfortunately, I give this collection a C.  Interesting prints, good use of embellishment (like the lace on blouses and sheer netting touches) but the colors were off the mark in many cases.  For example, the screaming yellow cotton sweater…can anyone say ‘too much neon?’.  It would have been great in another color way less in-your-face, which, from the simple cut, could have appealed to a broader audience.

Furthermore, I’m gonna say it, most of the items felt ‘cheap’, especially the shoes.  I did not feel that way with the Missoni line or other lines, like Miss Trish of Capri for Target.  They need to re-examine their product development specs and make sure they are not cutting corners to the point that it turns potential customers off, like it did this one.

Did you shop the collection?  What did you think?  Buy anything?  I’d love to know!