Just take a look at a few of these beauties from recent visits, all within the last few weeks…



Cornmeal dusted fried oysters at JAKE’S GOOD EATS, a very out-of-the-way location for very delicious food.  If you happen to be driving THROUGH Charlotte via 485, its only about a mile off of the Albemarle Road exit, and well worth a detour!



MIRO’S SPANISH GRILL in Stonecrest Shopping Center is surprisingly good, although for lunch I would have liked to have had tapas options.  I’m not compaining though…this pork tenderloin with chimmicurri sauce, rice, beans and plantains for under $10 was a huge deal, and very tasty.



My daughter had the shrimp with angel hair pasta…



And for dessert, we couldn’t pass up the housemade tres leches cake with espresso (served properly with a twist of lemon).



Uptown at DANDELION MARKET for some ‘small plates’ like the butter sauteed sea scallops with pomegranate reduction…



Or the red pepper artichoke dip, which was enough for 4 people, and came with a thoughtful assortment of pita bread, fried and au natural for dipping.

But the best food was what I made at home for my man’s birthday.  He requested something really chocolatey, so I made these individual warm double-chocolate brownie cakes for his special day (from Food & Wine Feb. 2009) served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.  Now that’s what I’m talking about!