Where to begin…bad night last night driving in the pounding rain, tornado watch and high wind advisory for over an hour and a half (not my fault, I commute to Greensboro for grad school).  Me, tensed up, hutched over, squinting and generally freaking out.  Finally get home and flop into bed, where I proceed to have the strangest dream EVER.  Yes, I’m fishing in Fukuoka, at least in my dream I was.  Forget the fact that I’ve never been to Fukuoka and in my dream it was a tiny fishing village instead of the largest city in Kyushu.  Anyhow, the entire dream I am being ferried back and forth to somewhere (not sure on that point) but the tiny dinghies are like ferries, so this scary guy takes us (there are several other poor saps like me in the same boat…ha ha, get it?) across with sea spray soaking us every time.  The weirdest part is that this service is free, but everything comes with a price no?

Another poor sap on the boat tells me that if I don’t buy the hand towel the ‘skipper’ is hawking, he will think I’m cheap and treat me poorly.  On top of that, I have to use the restroom, but there’s a fee for that too, and I don’t have a penny (yen) to my name.

Any Freud wanna-be’s out there want to take a gander at interpreting this one?

On to more normal stuff then.  I love Latte, not just any latte though.  Starbucks Green Tea Latte.  They make it with matcha (dried green tea powder) and steamed milk.  Having traveled to Japan numerous times (are you seeing the connection to the dream here?) and been fortunate enough to attend several authentic tea ceremonies, I can honestly say that Starbucks green tea latte tastes the same, only with the bitter taste replaced by sweet, and no tatami mats.


Here is what Starbucks says about their green tea latte:

The Japanese tea ceremony emphasizes the virtues of humility, restraint and simplicity, its practice governed by a set of highly ritualized actions. But this smooth and creamy matcha-based beverage can be enjoyed any way you like. So by all means, slurp away if you want to.