First of all, let me clearly state that I am not in any way endorsing Obama or his policies with this post…au contrare!  BUT, I am in the business of fashion, and although I am sure people are tired of the coverage of Michelle’s each and every outfit, that is not what this is about.  I am here to compare and contrast her inaugural outfit from the first and second elections from an objective point of view(hopefully).

Her first inaugural outfit was created for her by Isabel Toledo.  She has been designing fashion for a very long time, although mostly on the periphery of fashion (which is a good thing in my book).  She are her brother Ruben are a powerhouse of creativity.  Supposedly she was introduced to Toledo by her favorite exclusive boutique in Chicago.  Kudos to Ikram for having a diverse array of American designers!  The dress and matching coat she wore were made of Swiss lace lined with French silk and the unique lemongrass yellow shade was a standout at the inauguration ceremonies.  michelle2009


The green pumps and chartreuse gloves added a quirky and fashionable touch to her ensemble. Her makeup and hair were ‘presidential wife’ looking (you know what I mean!) and appropriate in every way.  In my mind, not only did she ‘nail it’ as they say, but she showed the crowd that she had fierce style within the confines of her ‘modest’ role.

Fast forward to 2013 and the recent inauguration ceremonies and again, the First Lady nailed it.  She had Thom Browne custom make her dress/overcoat combo, a consistent theme she chooses for ‘important’ occasions, much like her go-to cardi/belt/skirt combos.  This time she paired killer Reed Krakoff boots (and what woman on the planet wouldn’t want a pair of sassy boots like that??) and a heavy metal JCrew belt with the ensemble and chose a custom blue-grey tie pattern for the silk jacquard fabric. Her makeup was also a bit more pronounced, exceptionally pretty pink shades (to work off the fuchsia gloves, no doubt) and properly stylish.  To top it all off, she sported a new ‘do that have made the media go beserk.  Although these changes may seem slight, they are meaningful.


It tells me that Michelle Obama is dictating style rather than letting style dictate her.  She is comfortable enough in her role to truly be herself and make fashion forward choices that are admirable.  Not only does she have style, she exudes it.

May I also point out that she is not a waifish size 0-2, which gives me an even higher level of respect for her in that she is comfortable ‘in her own skin'(no racial pun intended) and has created a strong fashion sense that suits her well.

More women in America should take their body image cues from Michelle Obama instead of fashion models!  The First Lady is a true role model for embracing your shape, finding what suits your style and reveling in it.