I’m with Material Detox on most points…like the beading for ‘Downton Abbey’ style, and for cool shades, check out http://www.warbyparker.com (prescription too). Shorts suits are a laugh…you seriously can’t wear them anywhere. Love flats and wedges. The only low heeled shoe that’s worth writing about is a Roger Vivier type pilgrim look…very Belle du Jour. I would have added spring cashmere to that list, and a floaty skirt or dress…

Material detox

I’m not a fashionista, nor do I claim to be, but still I get a bit excited to see what people will be wearing for the new season so I decided to look at Glamour’s “Spring 2013’s Most Wearable Fashion Trends” (http://www.glamour.com/fashion/2012/09/spring-2013-most-wearable-fashion-trends?slide=2#slide=1) Some trends are adorable, while others are odd.  I’m going to do a quick run down the list and talk about these “trends”.

1. Bermuda Shorts



I can see some girls rocking this look, but to me it’s a bit too vacationy and not at all feminine or appropriate for everyday wear.

2. Black and White



When is black and white not in?  It’s possibly the most wearable color combination- it’s appropriate from the office to a nightclub.  Not seeing this so much as a trend, but still a do!

3. Peekaboo Pieces


Been seeing this trend a lot this fall and I’m loving it!  It’s perfect…

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