Just because the ‘metrosexual’ trend has been played out, it doesn’t mean that men should have no style.  Most men have an aversion to shopping, or they have a woman who does it for them. However, all men have a ‘program’, in other words, what they wear every day and over time, whether it looks good or not.  Most men get into a ‘look’ and never deviate, which is ok for the most part, but can be rather boring.

Here are a few tips for guys out there…

1.  Put on your most comfortable outfit and look at yourself in the mirror.  If you’re wearing sweat pants, shame on you.  Khakis or jeans that fit well, we’re getting somewhere.  True Religion blinged up with pointy black leather slip-ons, whoa, slow down, you’ve gone too far.

2.  Do you own any accessories?  I’m not talking about thick gold chains either.  A scarf is a great start in winter.  Pick a color you’re comfortable with like one from http://www.everlane.com and try it out.

3. Shoes, please think about them.  Skechers, for one, makes some great stylish looking slip-ons and you don’t have to go to a store (For example, style Masen-Leone for casual, Verns for dress). Amazon is your friend. http://www.skechers.com

4. Pants:  Doesn’t matter what fabric they are, but make sure they fit well.  Ok, so I know you don’t shop with a friend, but take a girlfriend, ask a sales associate (seriously!) and make sure whatever pants you wear aren’t falling off, too tight, make your butt look invisible, etc.  Old Navy does a pretty good job in the pants and jeans arena as do a plethora of others.  If you’re looking for an ‘investment’ that wears, try http://www.raleighdenim.com.  Not cheap, but then if they are your best friend, how much is that worth?

5.  Buy a great jacket.  Again, make sure it suits your style, in other words, are you comfortable wearing it?  It could be leather, wool, a blazer, etc.  Just make sure it makes you feel good.  There are many purveyors, but http://www.zara.com does a sweet job with a lot of variety.  Also, Tommy Hilfiger nails it in outerwear at http://www.usa.tommy.com.

6. Shirts…get creative here!  Like tee shirts?  Take it up a notch with something from a web site like http://www.pickwickweller.com.  Or a Robert Graham classic take on the tired button-down at http://www.robertgraham.us (they carry big and tall too).  It’s ok to spend the extra $$ if YOU LIKE IT and will wear it!

7. Glasses…if you’ve been wearing the same pair for more than a few years, it can get really blah.  Check out http://www.warbyparker.com for some hipper styles that might just get you a second glance, and they donate a pair for every pair purchased, which is really cool (like Tom’s Shoes).

8. Socks…have some fun here.  Gold Toe is fine, but you can show your wild side and not feel like a weirdo in this department.  www.etiquetteclothiers.com has a wonderful assortment, and even lifestyle shops like http://www.tommybahama.com are worth a look. They make high quality products, carry big and tall sizes, and hold up over multiple washings.

And if you should buy something new this Spring 2013 season, take inspiration from Bottega Veneta’s men’s collection and incorporate their stylish ease with desert neutral tones, pullovers and maybe even a touch of suede…