Top 10 Reasons to love Downton Abbey this season:

10. Wardrobe malfunctions:  Laughed out loud at Lord Grantham and Matthew Crawley wearing black tie instead of white tie (gasp!) to a formal dinner; Tom Branson sporting a suit instead of formal attire, and the entire conversation with Maggie Smith and Tom Branson concerning his outfit for the upcoming wedding.  When it comes to fashion, DON’T argue with a woman!

9. Bromance: Tom Branson and Matthew Crawley sticking together since they’re with ‘strong’ women.

8. Continual Tit for Tat: between Cora’s American mother Martha Levinson, superbly played by Shirley MacLaine and Lady Violet, the incomparable Maggie Smith; and between Lady Violet and Isobel Crawley…love it!

7. Continual Eavesdropping and Spying: From scullery maid Ivy Stuart spying naughty Sarah O’Brien taking the formal shirts to Lady Edith eavesdropping on Mary and Matthew’s fight, there’s somehow no privacy in that vast mansion!

6. BFF’s:  Mrs. Hughes and Mrs. Patmore’s deep regard for each other is touching to watch.

5. Change is afoot: The ‘dinner picnic’ i.e. when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.  I like the ‘new’ Downton…

4. True Love: Anna and John Bates…need I say more?

3. True Spite: Lady Edith Crawley’s relationship with her sister Mary (marital ‘congratulations’-ouch!) and Thomas Barrow versus the rest of the household staff…

Downton Edith

2. Money Problems: Everybody’s got em.

1. The Fashion: 1920’s here we come: Mary’s glamorous, yet simple wedding gown and her mother and sister’s gorgeous wedding outfits…exquisite!

Downton Abbey wedding dress