At 10:30 Sunday January 6th, The Providence High School Chamber Singers will be performing at the beautiful and majestic Duke Chapel.  The gothic styled cathedral, which seats 1800, was constructed in the 1930’s and is the tallest and most grand structure in the area.  It boasts THREE separate organs, one specifically for 16th and 17th century works (who knew?) and the acoustics are mind-boggling.  I read about it and when they started talking about the fact that it was one giant Helmholtz resonator, I knew I was in over my head.  Here are a few pictures so you get the idea of just how gorgeous Duke Chapel is…

Duke Chapel

Duke Chapel organ


This is one of the three organs…pretty amazing!

So if you’re in the Raleigh/Durham area tomorrow, stop by at 10:30 and enjoy the sweet sounds of an accomplished choir (ok, so I’m biased, but my daughter has performed at Carnegie Hall, the National Cathedral in DC, Canterbury and Wells Cathedrals in England, just to name a few)…



My daughter is fourth from the right, front row (proud Mom moment, indulge me!).