So ALL of Tom Ford’s fragrances are insanely delicious, which is how I happened upon Noir.  They categorize it as men’s (although some are classified as unisex) and honestly, when I spritzed this fragrance, nothing about it screamed “oh my God, she’s wearing a man’s fragrance!”.  Its earthy/musky, with definitive patchouli/amber/leather essence  but on top of that are distinctly feminine notes of rose and violet mingled with bergamot and vanilla set off by unusual herbal punctuations of verbena, geranium, sage and nutmeg.

I’m not telling all you women to run out and buy men’s fragrances, but when it comes to Tom Ford, the lines are blurred in the best possible way.  Take a whiff and let me know what you think ladies (and men!).

Tom Ford Noir