I had the good fortune of being a chaperone for 40 of the most fantastic talented teenagers this week.  My daughter’s high school chamber choir took a bus to the Grove Park Inn to sing for the guests this past Thursday, and yes, it was my lucky day.  I got to be with them from 7:30 in the morning till 6 in the evening.  I can tell you that this generation (Y, I believe) is awesome, talented and a pleasure to be with.

Every year the Grove Park Inn invites their choir to perform during the Christmas holiday time, and they have to pleasure of singing in the hotel, which is an Arts & Crafts gem that opened in 1913, and has hosted 10 US presidents and numerous other dignitaries over the years.


This is a view looking at the Grove Park from inside one of the 2 extending wings (sorry about the glare) and underneath all of the staircases and foliage you see is a $44 million  spa that is completely over the top, with gushing waterfalls, hot tub ‘pools’ (even in the dead of winter you can enjoy the outdoors) and so much more.  I have been there so can attest to the cost/value ratio.  Yes, its pricey but worth every penny.  Plan on staying for the day (which is included in the price of ANY treatment) and you will not be disappointed.


Here is one of the many Christmas trees, this one in the main lobby, where you can sit in front of the gargantuan fireplaces 24/7.

Here is my daughter’s amazing choir in front of ANOTHER one of the amazing trees


They were also having the national GINGERBREAD HOUSE contest, and even though I was unable to get pictures (hey, I was a chaperone!), they were displayed all over the hotel and many were quite impressive and all were unique!

If you want to see a short video of the choir singing a most original take on Jingle Bells, I need to warn you that I was not thinking clearly when videotaping this on my iPhone so please excuse what you see.  My suggestion is you close your eyes and feast your ears only on the lovely sound, or keep your eyes open and get a good laugh at my expense!  You’ll have to go to my Facebook page to see the video as I am incensed that I would have to pay $60 a year or more just to post a video or two on this blog…www.facebook.com/annecmitchell