I am forever grateful that although we only had 2 evenings to dine out, we decided to book a lunch reservation at Il Ridotto.  Both of our evening meals, which I have described in previous posts, at Vini da Gigio and Alle Testiere were absolutely flawless.  Doing your homework ahead of time truly pays off when it comes to dining well while traveling.

Il Ridotto was very different in its decor from the other 2 restaurants.  It was very modern, while most restaurants in Venice are more traditional, with warm wood, Burano lace, you get the point.  Il Ridotto was sparse, stark even, except for the exquisite variety of Murano glasses at each table.


In front of the stunning Murano drinking glass was the most delectable amuse bouche…a puree of salt cod (baccala) and turnip with a frisson of greens and olive oil.  Absolute perfection, and we hadn’t even gotten to what we’d ordered!

The wine we chose was from Ca dei Frati, the I Fratti Lugana 2011, which is a crisp, Venetian wine that amazingly is available in the US.  I tear up just thinking about it’s soft aroma and refreshing bite.

Ah yes, even the bottle has more heft than a regular wine bottle…nice way to upscale the brand image.

As this was lunch, we kept it simple and each had one course (we had a lot of shopping to do!) and this is what they looked like…


Tubetti with goh (the Venetian lagoon fish) in an aromatic herb broth…divine…


John Dory served atop polenta in a hot poaching broth…

Just a couple of additional tidbits.  They staged tiny Fortuny stools for us to place our purses on, which would have been too precious had they not been so darn cute and useful…


I’ll leave you with a close-up of the gorgeous water glasses.  We looked EVERYWHERE and came up with nothing.  If anyone out there knows where we could find something similar, I’d love to know.  We asked at the restaurant and were told they were custom made in Murano just for them…that didn’t surprise me in the least.  Everything there was well thought out. Although not inexpensive by any means, it is comparable to other places and for the over-the-top experience and cuisine, I HIGHLY recommend Il Ridotto…worth the airfare alone!