Where to begin?  At the end, of course.  With the most decadent use of pistachios ever concocted…creamy rich pistachio gelato, atop the lightest, most pistachio-tasting cake ever.  And these were not just any pistachios, but Bronte pistachios (who knew?) which are revered in Italy and only grown in Sicily.



The lady sitting at the next table was bound and determined that we knew exactly what type of pistachio we were eating, and kept repeating “Bronte, Bronte” like it were a mantra.  All I could think of was Jane Eyre and pondering what that might have to do with our dessert until the waiter, who spoke English, explained her enthusiastic chant.

Pictures do not do the other courses we had justice, so I will just have to tell you.  We both had a house made ravioli dish with ricotta and swordfish that was out of this world.  It was in a vegetable based lemon sauce, garnished with roasted tomato and a sprinkle of parsley…heaven!

Our main course was a simple mixed grill with all kinds of local seafood…goh (lagoon fish), mantis shrimp, sea bream, calamari and sole…all perfectly executed to let the delicate flavors shine through.

I would HIGHLY recommend Alle Testiere to any seafood lovers visiting Venice.